Eduardo Albors

EDUARDO ALBORS GISBERT (Valencia 1949), industrial designer, studied applied arts and business sciences.

In 1972 he formed CAPS I MANS, one of the pioneers of design in Spain, that most will be later integrated José Juan Belda, as well as Nacho and Luis Lavernia, which develops industrial and graphic design and interior design for various companies from different sectors.

In 1984 he took charge of the Department of product and image of round Iluminação (São Paulo - Brazil) until 1989 lives and works in Valencia and Sao Paulo.

In 1985, together with the CAPS I MANS group, the NBC group and other designers is the ship design collective.

He has worked in the development of product, advice and image to sectors as diverse as, furniture, ceramic, textile, plastics, toys, appliances, optics, footwear, dental equipments, electronics and ultrasounds, and above all lighting which has developed more than 200 projects for various companies in the sector.

He was one of the promoters of the NDV (Nou Diseny Valencia) which resulted in the ADCV (Association of designers of the Valencian Community) where he was Vice President.

Professor for 15 years of the subject of Industrial design of the ESDI CEU SAN PABLO de Valencia projects and during two years of the Master of light.

Professor during 5 years of the EUITI Dela Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, also on the subject of product design.

It currently has its own team and develops projects for various industrial sectors, as well as advice for companies and projects from other designers.

In 2011 he founded DXW (Design for the World).

His designs have been selected or exposed in calls such as:

  • SAD - Salon of decorative arts / PARIS
  • Spain-design / Madrid - Barcelona
  • ADI-FAD selection / Barcelona
  • IF / Hannover / Germany
  • IMPIVA prizes /Valencia
  • BCD / Barcelona Design Centre
  • Espaço Designers (call PHILIPS) Brazil
  • Museu da Casa Brasileira / São Paulo Brazil
  • EAC / contemporary art space / the ship exhibition
  • 1st gold ring award design of toys FEIJU / Valencia
  • Chamber of Commerce of Alicante / Expo CAPS I MANS
  • DNI / national lighting design / FIAM Valencia.
  • EXPO 92 / Pavilion Valencian Country / SEVILLA
  • DOM / design objects and furniture / Valencia
  • Expoluz / Buenos Aires / ARGENTINA
  • IVAM / Museum of contemporary art / 20 Valencian designers.
  • Colomina Cultural Ceu headquarters St.Paul Palace / 25 years designing lamps.

Eduardo Albors 

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