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In 1888, Eduardo Pascual, great-grandfather of the current designer, sold lanterns and lamps of oil, gasoline and gas markets of Rambla de Catalunya and the avenida Mistral of Barcelona. Thus began the saga of a family dedicated to the lighting. Eduardo Pascual and his wife Marina Madrigal lived through radical changes in the lighting systems that were carried out at the end of the 19th and 20th centuries, and took the initiative, much before the majority of the manufacturers of the time, to establish a business lighting workshop in Urgell Street in the city of Barcelona.

Old - from advertising this first shop followed initiatives more commercial, industrial and professional family, the establishment of new companies in Barcelona, as well as its first workshop of production materials and the Assembly in the Via Gran de les Corts Catalanes, which expanded in a few years, passing calle Diputación and, finally, to the street Consell de cent , both in Barcelona.

With growing success in sales and the lack of qualified suppliers to produce the raw material of the quality required by the company, settled his own cast bronze (alloy of copper and zinc), along with a space to carry out the lining of the lamps (gold, silver, blackened and many others that were made in those days) in the outskirts of Barcelona , in the town of Sant Joan Despí. It was operational, after several reforms and enlargements, until 1975, as well as the shops of Barcelona, in three main arteries of the city, the Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Rambla de Catalunya and Urgell Street.

In the same decade, took the decision to change direction and rethink the area of lighting design. For this reason, two stores were opened Terrassa and Cardedeu, near Barcelona, to concentrate on the creation of new designs and styles.

The father of the current designer Ferrumplus considered it necessary to make a contribution to the city of his birth and of his environment. His exploration, reflection and the vision of the future of this emerging "of design in Barcelona was transferred to their children, which placed them at the forefront of the Barcelona design boom.

Calle Urgell - Barcelona

The result of all these years is Ferrumplus, a brand, a decision, a way of life and light, a lighting concept for the home, office and outdoor spaces. Jaime Andreu, grandson of a generation of craftsmen, follows the steps of his family, in terms of design and selection of environmentally friendly materials.

In July 2012, Ferrumplus became part of the lighting of the Asproseat section i Treball Foundation, which manages the employment special Centre for disabled persons and persons at risk of exclusion, and is characterized by its entrepreneurial spirit.

The Foundation has the experience and the support of the Asproseat group, established in 1979 to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, their families, and other groups at risk of exclusion, as part of a commitment to equality of opportunity and defending their rights.

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