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The history of ILTI LUCE began twenty years ago from a long experience in the field of lighting of its founder Mr. Carlo Albano, whos desire was to get something that would become a point of reference for many designers. ILTI LUCE was the first company in Italy to offer a lighting system that can preserve historical artifacts, avoid exposure to UV and IR rays. The fiber optic system was introduced in 1989. Since then, the investigation of innovative lighting solutions has become one of the strong points of ILTI LUCE. The internal technical laboratory develops, makes prototypes and tests products according to the latest industry standards in order to meet the specific demands of architects and designers. ILTI LUCE is a company that provides advice and technical support and, above all, flexibility.

The quality of ILTI LUCE is hand made from Italian quality with all of the products developed and manufactured in Turin. "Hand made in Italy" is the way ILTI LUCE is submitted to the international market, a market aware of the technology, quality, efficiency and design. ILTI LUCE is an eco-friendly company and the manufacturing process does not consume more energy that is generated through your solar installation, this truly green spirit that is embedded in their DNA can also be found in their LED products that are designed for energy efficient performance. The result of research in LED lighting is one of the ranges of most complete LED products available in the market today. ILTI LUCE LED luminaires offer a saving of energy, optimum lighting and quality control of light in all the circumstances, not to mention the reduction of maintenance costs during the life of each product.

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