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He was born in 1976 in La Fare Les Olivier in France under the direction of Gilles Derain, exponent of the contemporary French and one of the first fans and scholars of the UAM - Union des Artistes Modernes - an active movement between 1928 and 1958, that then it merged with the international modern movement, and had among its prominent artists founders such as Eileen Gray Charlotte Perriand, Jacques Adnet - which is produced by the lamp Quadro 1929 - and Pierre Chareau, dedicated to the MPC lamp [products Pierre Chareau] who in 1979 was a great commercial success and became part of the permanent collection of the Montreal Museum of fine arts.

Always produced in Italy by one of the companies of lighting in the Centre of Milan, parts of our catalogue, the then French Lumen Center, were marketed in the national territory of Lumen Center Italy, an Italian company that a few years after the French took over the company and becomes in only possesses and distributes at national and international level.

The collaboration established with French designers as Jean Michel Wilmotte, author of the famous Washington table lamp, and the known quality of the offered products means that the company, though small, family-run purchasing more and more market share consolidation of its position in the Italian and international lighting.

And "at the end of the 1990s that promises a great turning point, when the DMC Villa Tosca - coordinated and directed by Augusto Cricket comes in contact with the Italian Lumen Center for the realization of the project of Interior design and lighting of Urawa Royal Pines Hotel in Japan." The project is called "The life of the river" and still represents the technical capacity and the highest production in the company, as well as the ability to achieve great flexibility with projects "Taylor Made". The adventure of DMC Villa Tosca in the lighting industry, however, began in 1993 as a result of a research programme to study the light which then merged in an experimental workshop that was held in the picturesque convent of Greccio and was involved a number of scholars and designers. They were these two projects "Life River" and "Heliopolis", who in 2000 led the group to acquire Lumen Center VillaTosca Italy.

There are a lot of initiatives and international efforts for the establishment of a new business strategy that involves the company in the past 12 years. The guidelines aimed to research and continuous innovation and aesthetics to cultural contamination between East and West, as well as the ongoing collaboration with the world of art and design, led her to enjoy a great commercial success and strengthen its market despite difficult global economic conditions.

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