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Founded in Barcelona in 1984, Sagittarius Lighting He is currently a leading reference in the market of professional and technical, lighting related to the design and manufacture of custom lighting systems, based on LED technology.

Sagittarius Lighting was founded in order to meet a specific need in the market of lighting, i.e., custom-made decorative and emergency signaling using the seal of accounts under the voltage of the lamps. This proved to be a great success.

Soon after, Sagittarius Lighting was the first to introduce a system of lighting of optical fiber for the Spanish market. Due to the enormous potential of this new technology, Sagittarius Lighting soon became a specialist in the field of lighting fiber optic, development processes and manufacturing special accessories, as well as providing solutions for all types of lighting needs. Fiber optic lighting is still considered a world reference in the area of special lighting applications and the best known identification of the company, due to the successful delivery of many fiber optic lighting solutions.

In this line of specialization, Sagittarius Lighting decided to enter the market of indirect lighting, using a specific system with xenon lamps. This technology has become an essential part of most of the projects of high standing, due to its characteristics of unmatched performance and lighting, in terms of quality of light. Therefore, many consultants lighting around the world are prescribing this lighting system for your projects.

In the last decade, this segment of the market has experienced tremendous growth, thanks to a very wide range of products for Interior and exterior, it has become a very important business of Sagittarius Lighting.

However, the latest most promising and well established for lighting technology is based on LEDs. As usual, Sagittarius Lighting has been one of the first who applied technologies of last generation and today we are showing the potential of LED technology can offer, so Sagittarius devotes much of its resources and time to the development of new luminaires with LEDs in many of our projects. Eight years ago Sagittarius Lighting began to use LEDs for some of their applications, and was in 2004 that a full range of accessories based both on high efficiency and PowerLEDs became available.

In addition to the standard products, Sagittarius Lighting has developed solutions tailored for specific projects, in close cooperation with the customer.

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