The origins of Black Friday:

What is it?

While many shops for Christmas is one of the most important periods in the year sales, Black Friday is a period that threatens this hegemony. Black Friday is "Black Friday", a Friday to the year in which major stores issued the strongest of the year discounts. It's a fashion directly imported from the United States, where in this period the most important chains were fought excess stock of face at Christmas. Today it is much easier and you can enjoy Black Friday discounts directly from home buying online. Black Friday is a time very important to buy at the best price. You have the best discounts on electronics, would you like to buy this TV 50 ''? now is the time. It began as electronics but today you can enjoy buy at the best price clothing, travel, and even furniture.

Why is it called Black Friday?

The origins of the name Black Friday are a little mysterious and nobody knows very well where this name comes. Its origins date back to 1960 and has nothing to do with something dark, on the contrary, is the color that is used to write down the benefits in a financial account. Black represents revenue and Red expenses. The name is due to that that day should try to pass the financial accounts of red numbers to black (benefits).

Black Friday Online

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When is it?

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