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Aqua Creations It is a perfect combination of artistic values and quality. Our workshop creates art pieces that function as objects of design. Our lights are very well done in detail, using the most advanced and sustainable lighting technology. Our tapestry is worked by hand and ended, as the haute couture garments.

The idea of the aquamarine was initiated in 1991 during the pregnancy of Ayala with our first daughter. The idea of that lifetime Ayala starts in the lead of the water to create the first collection of pieces of functional art that developed in the own Ayala visualel language and positions it as one of the pioneers of the organic design. Ayala and I build the aquamarine in the same place because we wanted to address all elements of creativity and production. We began the workshop in 1994 working in our House, which also functioned as Ayala artist's Studio and my Photography Studio. Today we are in one square meter of 4,500 ex-panaderia. We design, develop, produce and distribute a location and they are faithful to the same values that we were when we started.

All of our pieces are handmade to order by skilled craftsmen who designed each piece individually, with the greatest care and respect for our heritage. With increasing demand for design, with a wide network of Interior designers and architects Aqua is committed to design and produce sites specific fixtures of any scale. Today Aqua continues to explore this sensitivity and expression with a group of talented designers and continues introducing new materials, techniques and forms. While Ayala continues designing for the workshop, which focuses on research and create limited in its own name and unique edition pieces.

It is a joy to see aquamarine be part of many incredible commercial and residential projects in the world, and we are committed to developing our goal to respect our heritage and to create the best products.

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