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During the night, while the Sun is not visible, the sky is covered with millions of bright stars. Too many for a sane man count.

Elders believed that the gods use the night sky like a checkerboard of art to draw what they imagined for the Earth. He was used to design the future. This is why some people can read the future in the stars. Since in some fantastic reality, this is the real truth.

The night sky is like a Museum of art who attend every day. The stars do not need your attention. Do not try to be more than they are. They embellish your ceiling while you sleep. They will guide you when you're lost. They tell you where and what time is. They are part of your life.

Without the stars, the night sky would only be black. A slate of oblivion. Without light can only be fear.
For something light is the ability to illuminate the darkness. The light is bold. Light is life.

ZAM is light

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