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Martinelli Luce represents more than fifty-year history dedicated to the production of lamps and lighting systems.

Martinelli Luce was founded in 1950 thanks to the intuition and desire to Elio Martinelli to build their own lighting equipment to be used in commercial establishments that commissioned the design. Year after year, Martinelli Luce range has been improved with new devices, while maintaining at the same time a good number as an expression of Italian design of ' 60's and ' 70' years (Gae Aulenti, Sadler Asti etc...). 

They have recently collaborated with designers Martinelli Luce as Brian Sironi, 4P1B group, Michel Boucquillon and others getting major international awards including the compass of gold, for the light Elica and ADI DESIGN INDEX for toy device. The company presents a very real and significant collection.

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