Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset
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  • Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset
  • Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset
  • Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset
  • Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset
  • Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset

Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset

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Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset

Diffuser in pressed 4 mm natural oak or Wenge wood. Injected aluminium lacquered in Matt Black heatsink. Available in three sizes, two finishes, trestipos in Regulation (Dimmerable and Dali 1-10V) and recessed or flush-mounted. Prepared for bulb 18 LED SMD 8W 700mA 2700K 1050lm (small model), 36 SMD LEDs 700mA 2700 K 2100Lm 16W (Middle model) and 70 LED SMD 21W 700mA 2700K 3000lm (large model).

Extremely light, this light dish pays tribute to drummer Ginger Baker of the Cream, the 1960s rock band.

The Ginger collection explores a new material and technology applied to the lighting industry: the conformation to high-pressure blades of wood and paper. The result is an air screen so only 4 mm of thickness, with white interior to reflect the light and exterior finish of warm wood.

With LED technology, it includes two sizes of suspension, a version of foot and another table, to choose between the diffuser in oak or Wenge finishes.

Design by Joan Gaspar.

Ginger suspensión pequeña medidasGinger suspensión grande medidas

Medidas Ginger grande suspensión de Marset
References Ginger adjustable suspension - Marset:
A662-019 -Ginger small oak, dimmable, without wallbox
A662-020 -Ginger small Wenge, dimmable, without wallbox
A662-021 -Ginger small oak, Dalí, without wallbox
A662-022 -Ginger small Wenge, Dalí, without wallbox
A662-023 -Ginger oak small, 1-10v, without wallbox
A662-024 -Ginger small Wenge, 1 - 10v, without wallbox
A662-044 -Ginger small oak, dimmable, recessed
A662-045 -Ginger small Wenge, dimmable, recessed
A662-046 -Ginger small oak, Dali, recessed
A662-047 -Ginger small Wenge, Dalí, recessed
A662-048 -Ginger oak small, 1-10v, recessed
A662-049 -Ginger small Wenge, 1 - 10v, recessed
A662-025 -Ginger oak middle, dimmable, without wallbox
A662-026 -Ginger media Wenge, dimmable, without wallbox
A662-027 -Ginger oak middle, Dalí, without wallbox
A662-028 -Ginger media Wenge, Dalí, without wallbox
A662-029 -Ginger oak middle, 1-10v, without wallbox
A662-030 -Ginger media Wenge, 1 - 10v, without wallbox
A662-050 -Ginger oak middle, dimmable, recessed
A662-051 -Ginger media Wenge, dimmable, recessed
A662-052 -Ginger oak middle, Dali, recessed
A662-053 -Ginger media Wenge, Dalí, recessed
A662-054 -Ginger oak middle, 1-10v, recessed
A662-055 -Ginger media Wenge, 1 - 10v, recessed
A662-056 -Ginger big oak, dimmable, without wallbox
A662-057 -Ginger large Wenge, dimmable, without wallbox
A662-058 -Ginger big oak, Dalí, without wallbox
A662-059 -Ginger large Wenge, Dalí, without wallbox
A662-060 -Ginger big oak, 1-10v, without wallbox
A662-061 -Ginger large Wenge, 1 - 10v, without wallbox
A662-062 -Ginger big oak, dimmable, recessed
A662-063 -Ginger large Wenge, dimmable, recessed
A662-064 -Ginger big oak, Dali, recessed
A662-065 -Ginger large Wenge, Dalí, recessed
A662-066 -Ginger big oak, 1-10v, recessed
A662-067 -Ginger large Wenge, 1 - 10v, recessed

Data sheet

Ginger suspensión
9,4W | 16,2W
2700K color cálido
845lm | 1480lm
Pantalla pequeña 6cm | Pantalla grande 8.6cm | Max. 2m
32cm | 42cm
2.5Kg | 3Kg
36 LED SMD 9,4W 700mA 2700K 845lm | 63 LED SMD 16,2W 700mA 2700K 1480lm
Uli Budde
Ginger collection
Assembly time
Montaje medio 1 hora - hora y media
A662-001 | A662-002 | A662-003 | A662-004
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