Lights LEDs per lamp type: standard, spherical, dichroic, QR, pair, reflector with LED technology.


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  • Standard

    Standard LED bulbs. Latest generation and LED technology with maximum energy saving bulbs

  • Spherical

    Spherical LED bulbs, lamps of ornament with cutting-edge LED technology. Save on your Bill.

  • Balloon

    LED globe light bulbs. This type of bulb is commonly used in pendant lamps so that the bulb can be seen.
    Are large bulbs and they normally offer a lot of light, so used in dining rooms, entrance halls, etc.
    LED balloons allow to save up to 85% power, a very efficient solution for their lamps.

  • Dichroic

    Dichroic LED. Lamps that replace the dichroic halogen and ahorran 90% of the consumption of light.

  • Candle

    Bulb type LED Candle. Decorative lamps type sail special for decorating.

  • PL & PL-C

    Lamps PL type PL-c and PLL of LED Downlights. LED replaces the kitchen lights and saving is easy.

  • QR 111

    QR 111 lamps led, ideal for commercial spaces for their light quality. Lamp holder G53 and GU10 connection.

  • PAR

    Lamps PAR type with different formats: PAR 20, PAR 38, PAR 30. With connection E27 and GU10 Gu53 types.

  • Reflector

    LED reflector lamps. R39, R50, R63 and Led R90. Led bulbs last generation.

  • LED tubes

    LED tubes. Change the fluorescent tubes led, you will save energy and money. Warranty + 2 years.

  • LED striplight

    LED, indirectly LED lighting strips. RGB and dimmable 24V and 12V LED strips.

  • Modules

    LED modules with equipment including for replacement of halogen dichroic with maximum efficiency and light quality.

  • Special

    Other types of lamps and LED light bulbs. Bipin, linear, Halopin, Bajo RGB. Saving light, it switches to LED.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 118 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 118 items