Design lamps and luminaires for exterior 

Products of decorative lighting for outdoor spaces.

Decorate your garden or terrace with weather-proof lamps, manufactured with materials more optimal for this kind of applications and outdoor-lighting. Foreign luminaries of professional design.


There are 195 products.


  • Exterior wall lamp

    (AP) sconces for outdoor. Wall lamps for exterior terraces or gardens. Design and art.

  • Floor lamp

    Lamps lamps foot (P) for garden or terrace and outside of soil. Outdoor-lighting.

  • Suspension lamp

    Design of Suspension (SP) lamps and pendants for exterior. Garden and terrace.

  • Table lamp

    Table (SM) of outdoor lamps. Ideal for garden tables and terraces and outdoor.

  • In-ceiling loudspeaker

    Ceiling speakers ceiling for terraces and gardens. Special outdoor ceiling lamps.

  • Recessed luminaires

    Recessed outdoor lights. For ceilings, walls, and floor. Design of exterior lighting.

  • Beacons

    Beacon garden floor outdoor lamps. Lighting for gardens and open spaces.

  • Post Lamp

    Post Lamp, lighting from outside into the garden walls and terraces. Outdoor lamps.

  • Projectors

    Exterior projectors. Floodlights, weather, ideal for posters, gardens, and outdoor lighting.

  • Streetlights
    Streetlights. Lighting with lampposts outside. For garden and street light poles.
  • Signaling

    Mark recessed lighting. Wardrobes for gardens. Design of outdoor lamps.

  • Exterior Accessories

    Accessories for outdoor design lamps. Accessories for lamps outdoor lighting and gardens.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 195 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 195 items