Energy saving light bulbs. Different types of bulb: standard, spherical, Dichroic and fluorescent for daylight saving.


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  • Tubular

    Tubular bulbs of low consumption. Fluorescent lamps from daylight and warm light.

  • Standard

    Energy saving light bulbs of standard type. Bulb direct to 220v-240v. efficient light bulbs.

  • Spherical

    Spherical light bulbs of low consumption. Decorative lamps ornament bulb consumption under economic.

  • Balloon

    Bulb type globe of low consumption. Decorative bulbs for globe lamps. Energy saving.

  • Dichroic

    Dichroic of low consumption (BC), PAR16 reflector with direct connection to the 220v-240v to lamp holder GU10.

  • Candle

    Candle bulbs of low consumption. Adorno economic bulbs for decorative lamps.

  • PL-C & PLL

    PL-c light bulbs. G24 of 2-pin or 4-pin connection. Bulbs for Downlight type kitchen.

  • PAIR

    PAR type of low consumption light bulbs. Bulbs and spotlights that reduce consumption.

  • Reflectora

    Bombillas reflectoras de Bajo Consumo. Bombillas tipo R63, R80 R90. Reflectoras económicas a Fluorescencia.

  • Linear

    Linear light bulb low consumption. Replaces the linear halogen R7s to fluorescence and saves energy.

  • MicroLinx
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Showing 1 - 24 of 40 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 40 items