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Who are we?

Select Light ® is an official distributor of the leading firms of technical and decorative lighting. Our philosophy is to offer our experience, reliability and service to our customers, to add to our products this added value that distinguishes us.

Our team consists of experts in the sector, with more than 20 years of experience, which ensures the quality of service and the best customer service.

All offering the best prices in the market and always at the forefront of the best brands in lighting around the world. Counting with the support of the most prestigious and well-known firms, Select Light stands out for its extensive catalog with more than 250 manufacturers, which ensures the customer always find the best solution to your lighting, architectural and economic needs.

Our multidisciplinary team, formed by Lighting designers, architects and interior designers, selects and offers products for decorative lighting and lighting tecnica-arquitectural. So much for housing, offices and industrial premises. Offering commercial service and expert advice. Always having as purpose to supply the best product for energy saving, so that investments be profitable depending on each project.

What do we do?

Consulting: Approach and design of the lighting along with construction management project, always looking for objective integration desired lighting projected in space reaching levels and lighting effects desired, treating the lighting as the most important and definitive constructive element

Lighting and Automation control projects: development and technical drawing of the shots and to detail, sheets designed products, box measurements, accurate economic assessment and memory of qualities, always under the parameters of the technical code.

Desarrollo, research, development and production of custom-made, according to lighting, architectural needs and installation of the space along with the architect to develop products that comply 100% with the desired objectives.

Direction of work, from the hand of the architecture or architects collaborate in the implementation of projects, making an exhaustive monitoring of the implementation of the project, providing an advisory service and planning during all the execution and control of costs and detailed budget, avoiding deviations and delays.

Energy efficiency, study and development of energy efficiency projects, always accompanied by a study of costs and savings.


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