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Decorative lamps

Decorative lighting design

Innovative lighting solutions that grace, inspire and create the perfect environment for the home with decorative design lamps.

Wide range of design lamps lighting around the world leading firms.
Products are designed by the design icons that have numerous awards and recognized for its innovation awards.

Decorative lamps 

There are 2231 products.


  • Floor lamps

    Wide selection of decorative floor lamps from original design

  • Table lamps

    Decorative table lamps

    Exclusive designs for work area, desk, bedside table or reading area.

    This type of lighting reinforce the brightness in areas of work or reading, but they can also add a decorative value to bedside table or waiting rooms tables.

  • Wall Lamps

    Wall Lamp design

    Sconces wall for indoor home, decorative lamps for halls and other rooms, solutions for bed bed and points of light for bathrooms.

    Large catalog of wall lamps, with different finishes, materials and styles that will allow you to find the best application for each space. 

  • Hanging lamps

    Ceiling lamps suspended decorative design.

    This type of lamps and pendants pendant luminaires are ideal for lay on tables or spaces with high ceilings where the lamp is usually more attractive visually and its height allows to better illuminate the entire space.

    This type of pendant lamp is usually compose with a cable and suspension where the screen is fastened or light source.

  • Ceiling speakers ceiling

    Ceiling lights and ceiling lamps

    This type of lamps, ceiling fixtures and luminaires are fastened directly to the ceiling of the room, bathrooms or hallways, to get great luminosity to the space.

    This type of ceiling lamps are available in multiple materials, finishes, colors for each style and need.

  • Clip Lamp

    This type of flexible hoses with clamp or table lamps are very useful to look at the table or shelf, its installation is very simple and allows you to quickly change her place.

  • Recessed lights

    Luminaires for recessed mounting of decorative design

    Catalogue of different types of recessed lighting fixtures design as hoops, Downlights and recessed lights.
    We have lights recessed ceiling ideal to create ambient light and flush-mounted to the floor or wall.

  • Iluminacuadros

    Sconces lights decorative paintings

    Family special appliqués to illuminate paintings and pictures.

    Lamps that illuminate your paintings and make your paintings and canvases to look more, fanning the colors of the paintings and generate greater visual claim. Different unique designs of lamps for your works of art.

  • Lamps Accessories

    Accessories and complements to design lamps and decorative lighting.

    JAWS, bases for lamps, stands, screens and other replaceable parts of your lamps.
    In this section you can find all the accessories for all decorative lights available.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 2231 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 2231 items