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  • Artemide

    The Artemide lamps are considered internationally as icons of contemporary design; they are displayed in most of the museums of modern art and design collections. (MoMA - New York, Metropolitan Museum of art - New York, Victoria and Albert Museum - London, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnica - Milano, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna-. Roma, Parigi, Centre Georges Pompidou, etc.)

  • ALMar lamps

    ALMar lamps factory lamps handcrafted, taking maximum care of each detail to offer a quality product.

  • Alvit

    Founded in 1988, the Alvit Srl It is a leading company in the design and manufacture of equipment for lighting of emergency for halogen, fluorescent lamps and LEDs.

  • Aromas

    Aromas of the countryside a company founded in Valencia is in 1986 for the manufacture and distribution of flowers potpourris and scented products, hence its name. The manufacture of small glass lamps filled with dried flowers represents our first steps in the lighting industry.

  • Arturo Alvarez

    The Mission of Arturo Alvarez He is putting all his enthusiasm and media to offer handmade designs, care every detail, capable of light and emotional needs of the human being.
    Emotional Light is our reason for being and our slogan!

  • Beneito & Faure

    Beneito & Faure Lighting It is a leader in the development of lamps and LED lights. From its facilities in Barcelona, designed lighting solutions contecnologia LED. Beneito & Faure, is a lighting company with a long history in its sector and pioneer in innovation, both in technology and design, light bulbs, led lights, and lamps of all types. 

  • Carpyen

    Since 1948

    Antonio Carpenter, Encarnación Celdrán and Roberto Carpintero three names that give meaning a mark one: Carpyen. One mark from its beginnings has been a pioneer in the creation of lighting elements paragraph become, with the passing of the years, the one reference para sector elect. A brand has to Do work a mark of identity, while retaining the quality, creativity, innovation, and inspiration. A mark, with that over the years, it has made stronger; Because each collection is a new challenge to undertake, a new solution to offer and new products with which show that continue preserving the illusion and the energy of the first day.

    Antonio Carpintero, Encarnación Celdrán and Roberto Carpintero, three names that give concrete meaning to a brand: Carpyen. A brand that, from the outset, has been a pioneer in the creation of lighting elements in order to become, over the years, a reference in the sector. A brand that has made his work a distinctive, staying true to the quality, creativity, innovation, and inspiration. A mark which, over the years, has become stronger; and all this because each collection is a new challenge to carry out, a new solution to deliver and new products to show that we still have the enthusiasm and the energy of the first day.

  • Cristher

    Responding to the diverse needs of the market in the field of lighting, GROUP NOVOLUX He was born to offer all kinds of technical and aesthetic solutions, becoming one of the strongest groups of lighting on the market on the Iberian Peninsula. Integrates, among other brands of lighting, to CRISTHER with experience from the year 1981specializing in private residential outdoor lighting, to expand its range to offer all kinds of lighting solutions. GROUP NOVOLUXbelongs to the investor group Nmás1

  • Daisalux

    Founded in 1988, Daisalux is dedicated to the development and manufacture of lighting of emergency, lighting and signage systems: emergency, autonomous, projectors equipment kits, beacons, ballasts, centralized control, portable lighting systems, lighting, signage, emergency high-efficiency LED.

  • ELT

    ELT designs, manufactures and sells equipment auxiliary to the sources of light existing in the market of the lighting.

  • Lighthouse

    Faro Barcelona It was founded in 1986 under the name LOREFAR S.L. Under the brand Faro Barcelona we sell over 5,000 references, offering a diverse but integrated offering that covers any need in lighting and ventilation.

  • FLOS

    FLOS He is characterized by his constant effort to move forward in research and technological innovation, together with an extraordinary capacity to discover new creative talents. With the recent launch of the Soft Architecture collection, a project of the art that has been awarded the most prestigious prizes in the world, our company has once again demonstrate the ability of a historical brand to look toward the future without forgetting their own traditions.

  • Foscarini

    Foscarini is an Italian company specialized in the manufacture of lighting fixtures.

    Foscarini was founded in 1983 and acquired in 1988 by Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato.

    Among the designers who have worked for Foscarini can be counted among others: Rodolfo Dordoni, Patricia Urquiola, Luca Nichetto, Marc Sadler and Tom Dixon.

  • Gubi

    In GubiWe are in a continuous search. A trip. Driven by our passion for discovering overlooked in the past icons and icons of the future in manufacturing, we have become a distinctive name for ourselves in the field of international design as a force dynamic design to take into account.

  • Helvar

    Helvar It is the European leading provider of lighting solutions for energy-efficient, including LED drivers, modules and lighting controls.

  • Inthai

    In 1892, the family more Valls started imports of vegetable raw materials for the production of furniture and basketry. Decades later, in 1976, the experience of the family more in international markets joined the spirit of designer Pepe Mallol. And of this merger, the brand was born Inthai.

  • Jou diseño & Luz

    For 70 years Jou design and light they are dedicated to the sector of interior lighting, keeping the effort and sensitivity to provide elegant and quality lighting. We present a timeless, aesthetic and functional product of high quality, oriented to meet the highest expectations of our customers.

  • Karboxx

    Karboxx It is totally a new concept applied to interior lighting design technology. Karboxx provides the lighting market with composite materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, with the objective of bringing the qualities of lightness, strength and beauty of these materials in projects that improve these properties refining. This has led to designs of lamps that interpret light in a variety of ways.

  • Karman

    Founded in 2005 based in Fossombrone (PU), Karman Ltd is a company that operates in the field of interior and exterior lighting.

  • Marset

    Marset It's more than lamps: we take care of the light, in its different nuances and effects, to create environments with personality and improve the quality of life of our customers.


    LED lamps Mino "Maslighting" division develops and manufactures a complete range of solutions for LED illumination of very high performance in different formats and for all applications, both for domestic, industrial or collective lighting. They offer a product that is in continuous evolution and development to guarantee consumers the many advantages that this type of lighting

  • MeanWell

    Established in 1982, MEAN WELL a leading standard of switching is sources of supply in the world manufacturers. MEAN WELL currently operates under five financially independent companies but who cooperated in Taiwan, China, USA and Europe. The five companies include MEAN WELL Enterprises Co., Ltd., MEAN WELL (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., Ltd., Suzhou MÉAN WELL Technology Co., Ltd., MEAN WELL USA, Inc. and MEAN WELL Europe BV. Our product lines include AC / DC switching power supplies, DC converters / DC converters, DC / AC and battery chargers.

  • Megaman

    MEGAMAN® is a lighting supplies company and is committed to provide light in a truly sustainable way, positive energy saving and of such a quality that brings a difference in the lives of all those who use LEDs innovative company or compact fluorescent lamps (LFC).

  • Metalarc

    Metalarc offers a catalog "SOLOLED" with a wide range of LED products, with which you can replace any bulb type led, dichroic LED, LED balloons, reflector for LED, etc. 

    Changing your light bulbs to LED you can save iluminnacion consumption up to 85% of your current consumption and increase the energy efficiency of your installation.

  • Modern Fan

    Modern Fan It was founded in 1997 by industrial designer Ron Rezek in Ashland, Oregon. It was the first (and to date only,) the company of its kind: a designer and manufacturer of ceiling fans contemporary. The design by Rezek of ceiling fan Stratos, which ended with all bronze ornate scrolls and the blade brackets standard so far was established based on the overwhelming success of 1986.

  • Moooi

    Moooi He leads the understanding of culture, human needs and technology. It contributes to creating the most successful innovative collection design of history and creates value and opportunity unprecedented for its customers, employees, investors and partners. This is our challenge and vision and we ask that keeps us to it and help us to realize this.

  • Philips

    Philips It is one of the world's largest electronics companies. 

    The fundamentals of Philips settled in 1891 when Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips established Philips & Co. in Eindhoven, Netherlands. A few years later, in 1895, the brother of Gerard Anton Philips strengthened the young company. It proved to be a great commercial talent and within a few years Philips belonged to the largest producers in the world light bulbs. Stimulated by the Industrial Revolution in Europe, first Philips research laboratory was established in 1914 and the company began to introduce its first innovations in the rays X and radio technology. Over the years, the list of inventions has only grown to include many advances that have been followed to enrich people's daily lives.

  • PiLight
  • Prilad

    Prilad Pritec It is a company of design lamps and lighting with LED technology products.

  • Ramun

    Ramun amulet was a milestone in the history of the design of the lamp, since it was the first form of realization of a thin ring design using a new source of light "LED". Similar attempts had been made, but it was in vain. This circular lamp is ideally designed to provide designers, architects and students with proper eye protection, and the uniformity of its lighting is the epitome of high technology at its best. The lamp has a durable structure neat without cables or docks protruding from the end, demonstrating its technology like no other. The wide range of bright colors and transparency of the material to achieve the same level of beauty as stained-glass windows and amplify the benefits of plastics offering homage to plastic materials. "Amulet" is the Italian word for the amulet, which indicates a desire for happiness and the realization of the dreams of mankind. Its disc illuminated circular middle section and the base are a symbol of the Trinity of Sun, Moon and Earth, respectively.

  • Schuller

    Schuller It offers a wide range of lighting, furnishing and furniture.
    In addition to our own designs, we distribute exclusive items from a wide selection of products chosen for our clients with our experience and quality control as warranty.

  • SLV
  • ThreeLine

    ThreeLine Technology It is a company focused on new technologies, electronics and LED lighting. We design and develop products with CE marking according to the regulations of safety and electromagnetic compatibility. European directive for electromagnetic compatibility 2004/108/EC, directive European safety LVD 2006/95/EC and environmental directives such as RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.  

  • Tom Rossau

    Since 2004 Tom Rossau It designs and produces equipment lights made of sheets of wood and a variety of other materials. 

    He and co-workers works in a wide area of 700 sq.mt in downtown Copenhagen, where has their two workshops, offices and flagship store. 

    Tom Rossau lightings are sold throughout Europe and the world through high-end retailers, as well as often specified both hospitality and residential projects.

  • Toscot

    TOSCOT It offers products of decorative lighting designs that combine the Tuscan tradition of forms possed by hand and decoration ranging from the classic to the contemporary.

    Places individually hand-made with high quality materials, with particular attention to the versatility of use and coordination of their models of decorative lighting.

    The careful decoration and finishing joins the artistic value of the pieces of decorative lighting and creative research behind its realization transforms objects in contemporary interior design solutions.

  • Tridonic

    In Tridonicevery day we are looking for the perfect light. How to control it, regulate it, and operate it so that it generates exactly as you want it. This will occupy about 2,000 experts around the world. And we have been doing this for over 50 years with passion and in cooperation with you. We invest all our energy in its light.

  • Tunds

    Tunds It is a company that is born fruit of illusion, the commitment and the willingness to develop and implement ideas.

    Our aim is to faithfully reflect the spirit, style, concept and above all original desire that the designer wants to convey with the publication of his work.

    Designs that we edit, either their own or transferred, are born of a tireless concern to offer quality products with a high degree of functionality and simplicity.

    We treat with respect the idea that is entrusted to us.

  • UTU by Mambo

    UTU - Moving lighting is the answer to a need for lighting solutions that enrich spaces with individuality and sense. The experience of space and created sensation has the enormous are lighting, because it contributes to its atmosphere and appearance. Born of the mambo unlimited Creative Ideas hub, which includes the design talent in a team dedicated to developing new products and ideas, UTU moving lighting is the new brand dedicated specifically to lighting, where this aspect of the design is tirelessly explored and developed. The presentation of a large selection of lighting with different concepts and functional solutions that include the suspension, table, floor and wall lamps in a wide range of possible finishes, UTU launches as a very versatile and complete brand.

    Mature as heir to the experience and knowledge gained while under the mambo unlimited ideas label, moving lighting UTU follows the so-called market. Builds a single space in the field company of the continuous growth of the collection of lighting, with the same core values but with an own soul!

    So we welcome you to our world! A world where innovation, creativity, quality and reliability are the guidelines. We produce original quality products - our work develops into global business, international organisations inspiration, while his roots in our knowledge and local experience of handicraft. The growing presence conquer the international market reflects our approach and our reputation: we offer original quality products and a team of professionals eager to cooperate with professionals from around the world.

    UTU - Lighting soulful, light devices with soul in a wide range of finishes: a myriad of possible combinations.

  • Vita

    Vita Danish design packed in flat boxes lighting makes affordable. Our goal is to provide maximum value for your money when you designed carefully, quality lamps of materials of category A, delivered in flat packs beautiful to optimize logistics and preserve our planet - all at very affordable prices.

  • LAES

    Special lamps was created in Barcelona, the year 1959, since then it has maintained steady growth and a productive and innovative vocation becoming an unquestionable reference in the sector of lighting.

    From our origins as a manufacturer of lamps incandescence and until our days as a commercial of a wide range of products for lighting, has always characterized us our effort to offer quality and service to the client, accompanied by the certificate ISO 9001:2008 obtained in 1998.

    We have modern facilities of 5000 m2, equipped with the most advanced technologies for the control of quality of our products, as well as an intelligent warehouse which allows us to provide a quick response to our customers. All this is managed by a team of highly professional and experienced.

    Special lamps markets its products in more than 40 countries, offering an extensive range of lamps for lighting in continuous evolution and constant growth, always incorporating the latest developments in our field.

    The basis of our customers are retailers of electrical equipment and lighting, distributing our products to the final consumer, as well as the first multinationals of the sector.