Professional technical and architectural lighting products

Products for professional lighting projects.
Wide range of items for technical lighting projects, both residential as for offices, commercial spaces, resorts, restaurants and industry among others.

We offer technical and professional advice for this type of professional products, which offer greater efficiency, control, performance, and reliability.


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  • Architectural wall

    Technical wall sconces

    Professional wall luminaires to focus light with greater light control of technical aspects of opening, color, efficiency, rates of color reproduction among others.

    Special lamps for architectural lighting, professional technical projects design and lighting products.

  • Recessed luminaires

    Embedded engineers.

    Rings, downlights, recessed luminaries. Professional lighting and lighting of interior spaces.

  • Projectors

    Professional technical projectors.

    Architectural lighting of the art for your business, shop or local.
    Designed for professional spaces items. High performance and reproduction chromatic and highest quality lighting products.

  • Rails

    Universal Rails for projectors and professional luminaries. 

    Three-phase, two-phase and single-phase models for rail projectors.
    Articles of professional lighting for shopping and commercial areas.

  • Technical suspension

    Architectural hanging lamps.

    Professional technical cutting edge lighting. Original products of high range for commercial spaces.
    Wide catalogue of brands specializing in professional technical lighting.

  • Screens

    Fluorescent and LED screens.

    Professional surface and recessed luminaries. Screens for fluorescent and LED technology teams.
    Recommended products for spaces that require high light levels.

  • LED striplight

    LED strips, LED from direct or indirect lighting. Design and architectural lighting.

  • Profiles LED

    Profiles surface or recessed mounting LED strips

    Catalogue of aluminium profiles for proper dissipation of heat from the LED strips.
    Design with LED lighting items. 

  • Lighting accessories

    Accessories for luminaries, luminary technical lamps 

    Parts and accessories for lamps and luminaires of technical and architectural lighting.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 135 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 135 items