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Many of these designers have numerous prizes and awards, recognized for its excellent record, a few cases in the field of design and others in the innovation.
These awards recognize both innovation and design as essential factors for increasing the competitiveness and economic performance as well as to provide quality of life for citizens.

Designers of lamps 

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  • Achille Castiglioni

    Born in Milan in 1918, he graduated in architecture in 1944. Since 1940 it had devoted to experimenting on industrial products with his brothers Livio ((1911-1979) and Pier Giacomo (1913-1968) interests are oriented urbanism, architecture and design. They carried out the analysis and the research of new forms, techniques and materials, aimed at developing a "comprehensive design" process. In 1969, Professor of "Artistic Industrial design" was appointed, chaired the Faculty of architecture of Turin until 1980 and taught in Milan until 1993 as a Professor of "Industrial design" at the Politecnico di Milano. In 1956 he was one of the founders of the ADI (Industrial Design Association). Permanent collection of the MoMA in New York hosts 14 of his works. Other works can be found in the following museums: Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Gewerbe-Museum in Zurich, Staatliches Museum für Angewandte Kunst in Munich, the Design Museum of Prato, Umeleckoprumyslove Museum in Prague, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Denver Art Museum, Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, Angewandte Kunst Museo in Hamburg and Cologne.

  • Achille & Pier...

    Pier Giacomo Castiglioni was born in Milan in 1913. He graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1937. After graduating, he began working with Luigi Caccia Dominioni, and his brother Livio, and in 1939 was created in conjunction the first apparatus for radio never has been made from plastic materials. Achille Castiglioni was born in Milan in 1918. He graduated in architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1944. Already in 1940, he devoted himself to prove the industrial production, along with his brothers Livio and Pier Giacomo. Immediately after the war, he began to work in close collaboration with Pier Giacomo. Interests include Councillor for urbanism, architecture and design (conducting research on forms, techniques and new materials, the aim of developing a comprehensive design process), and had varied and intense professional, actively participating in the international cultural activities: congresses, conferences and round tables, with regard in particular paid to Industrial Design. In 1956, was one of the founders of the ADI (Industrial Design Association).

  • Adrien Gardere

    Founded in 2000, the study Adrien Gardere is internationally recognized for his expertise in the fields of design, design of Museum exhibitions and design. Born in France in 1972, Adrien Gardère trained as a cabinetmaker and designer. His creations are produced and issued by major brands of furniture and lighting (Artemide, Saazs, Ligne Roset, Cinna, perimeter editions). Some entered several collections of national museums (Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Centre Belem do Design Centre, Lisbon, Fonds National d'Art Contemporain, etc.) On the basis of their success in the design, study Adrien Gardère simultaneously began to develop in the field of design and the design of Museum exhibitions, to quickly establish long-lasting relationships with the major international institutions.

  • AIA Salazar-Navarro
  • Alberto Nason

    Alberto Nason was born in Venice in 1972, after completing his studies, took three years of experience in a study of graphic design "Option One", in London.

  • Aldo Rossi

    Aldo Rossi (May 3, 1931 - September 4, 1997), Italian architect, born in Milan. His father owned a small factory of bicycles, whose brand was "Rossi". He went to two different schools during the second world war and then studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, where he graduated in 1959.

  • Alessandro Mendini
  • Alessandro Pedretti
  • ALS

    Designer lamps decorative design ALS b.Lux.

  • Angelo Mangiarotti
  • Antonio Citterio
  • Antonio Miró
    Born in Sabadell (Barcelona) in 1947. His father, seller of high quality fabrics, learns the taste by dressing and their knowledge of good tailoring. At the age of 19 founded along with his brother Stephen a clothing store in place more in 1960s: Platja D'ARO, Costa Brava. In the store, called Groc, the Miró brothers showed the latest trends of the moment and parts designed informally by them two. It remained open for two years, during which Groc became a point of reference in Europe. Subsequently, Antonio and Esteban Miró could open in Barcelona another store, which was implemented between the most widely cultivated clientele of the city. In 1977, the designer created mark Antonio Miró for men and women, which allowed him to start to export and participate in the most prestigious international exhibitions. In 1987 Cristóbal Balenciaga received the award to the best Spanish designer. Five years later he was responsible for creating all the costumes of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, and in your resume figure having designed the curtain of the reconstructed Gran Teatre del Liceu of Barcelona.nstruido Gran Teatre del Liceu of
  • Arihiro Miyake

    "Serendipity! I feel that foreseeable results are only trifling matters." Arihiro Miyake Diseñador (born in 1975, Kobe Japan) graduated from the University of Kobe Design (BA) in Japan and the Aalto University (MA) in Finland. After working in several studies of design and the Aalto University, with own home studio in Helsinki. Studio works internationally on projects of interiors and furniture / lighting. "Miyake" for Moooi lamp is a part of the collection parmanent lean to the design museum, Helsinki.

  • Arturo Álvarez
  • Beppe Benenti

    Collaboration with external designers of first order has been a key pillar in our history and growth. This strategy, so common today, was not at the beginning of the 1980s, when we had our first experience with Guillermo Capdevilla, designer of the successful Belux System. Since then, our commitment has focused on channeling the creative wealth of established professionals and promising young design, in the effort to develop a coherent product range, innovative and constantly updated.

  • Bertjan Pot
  • Bizzarri Design
  • Bonderup & Thorup
  • Brian Rasmussen
  • Carlo Colombo
  • Carlo Forcolini

    Born in Como in 1947, Carlo Forcolini had graduated at the Academy of fine arts of Brera in Milan in 1969. Since then, he has worked as designer and entrepreneur, participating in the founding of Alias and Nemo, which also held the positions of director General and director of art. From 1978 to 1984, the Forcolini lived in London, where Alias United Kingdom established and became Director of Artemide GB. Since 1983, he has participated in numerous exhibitions and international events in Madrid, Los Angeles, London, Hamburg, Cologne, Tokyo, Sydney, Santiago of the Chile, Oslo, etc. His most important exhibitions include I modi of the progetto (methods of design) in the Pignatelli Cortes Museum in Naples in 1987; Design Alias of Italy, in the Soviet Cultural Foundation in Moscow in 1989, and Creativitalia in Tokyo in 1990. You had personal standing in Milan in 1991 (imagining things), in Innsbruck in 1996 and in Toronto and Brussels in 1997.

  • Carlos Serra

    Designer Carlos Serra de B.Lux decorative lamps

  • Carlotta de Bevilacqua
  • Christina Liljenberg
  • Christophe Mathieu
    Born in Hamburg in 1961. Diploma in interior design at the school of applied arts and artistic trades (Llotja), from Barcelona. Make their practices in Germany (Hamburg) working with the architects Nitz, Prash and Sigl Arquitekten. Subsequently settles three years in Milan, where he collaborates with: the architect Marco Zanuso jr in the development of products for companies such as from Padova, Memphis and Driade; the architects Roberto Menghi and Giulio Crespi; industrial designer Sergio Coppola; and the Architect Antonio Zanuso in the winning project of the Piazza della Republica contest. This Milanese stay marks him deeply. In 1989 he decided to move to live in Barcelona, where he collaborates with Alfredo Arribas, Eduard Samsó and Javier Mariscal. The companies with which he has worked are: Bosa, Artelano, Disform, Metalarte, Bover, Chupa-Chups, Smint, Nike, Bticino, Comas & Partners and Marset.
  • J.A. Coderch de Sentmenat

    José Antonio Coderch de Sentmenat born in Barcelona on 26 of November of 1913. It is entitled in 1940 at the school of architecture of Barcelona (race divided in two by the Spanish civil war) develops a reflection on housing defining an own architectural code and providing innovative solutions to the problem of the massive residence. In 1951 performed the flag Spanish at the IX Triennale di Milano. 10 Team Member: he participates in the discussions along with Alison and Peter Smithson, Aldo van Eyck, Giancarlo Di Carlo, Jezy Soltan among others.

  • Corsini & Ruiz Millet
  • Cristian Díez
  • Daifuku Designs

    Our goal is to design objects and environments that remain. A real concern for a sustainable world through the creation of elements that are not proceed next season.

    The creation of unique solutions for each client as well as the ability to take a project from its conception until the final details of their construction differs us. 

    DaifukuDesigns Manager, Jonathan Daifuku, has degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design (Bachelor of Architecture) and Columbia University (master's degree in Urban Design). Since 1980 this recognized as an architect with law firm in NY State. 

    Official website:

  • Daniela Puppa and...
  • Daniel López
  • David Abad

    David Abad (Barcelona, 1967) led their own business project (DAB), dedicated to the design and production of luminaires and lighting special projects between 1997 and 2011. In 2012 he created his new study, called David Abad Design, which works with companies from different fields. The collaboration with the brand manufacturer B.lux, where later assumes the creative direction, and that brings their old and new lighting designs.

    Thanks to its cross training in design and engineering, David Abad provides to their jobs a frank and realistic, without forgetting the aesthetic and functional aspects. This multidisciplinary designer has received numerous international design awards, including Red Dot, iF Design Award, Design Plus, Good Design, Design Preis and selection Delta, among others.

  • Dhemen

    Created in 1995, Dhemen is a study of multidisciplinary design with extensive experience in the industrial sector. Dhemen, headed by the brothers Esnal, team understands design as a creative activity that blend craftsmanship and industrial processes, and which provides an undeniable product value, balancing form and function.

    These are the premises that have been applied to products that have been created for various companies, such as Orbea, Imat, Fagor and Irizar. They arrived in the lighting industry in the hands of B.lux, who developed the architectural luminaire Volcano and the light Scuff mark.

  • Edmondo Testaguzza
  • Eduardo Albors

    EDUARDO ALBORS GISBERT (Valencia 1949), industrial designer, studied applied arts and business sciences.

    In 1972 he formed CAPS I MANS, one of the pioneers of design in Spain, that most will be later integrated José Juan Belda, as well as Nacho and Luis Lavernia, which develops industrial and graphic design and interior design for various companies from different sectors.

    In 1984 he took charge of the Department of product and image of round Iluminação (São Paulo - Brazil) until 1989 lives and works in Valencia and Sao Paulo.

    In 1985, together with the CAPS I MANS group, the NBC group and other designers is the ship design collective.

    He has worked in the development of product, advice and image to sectors as diverse as, furniture, ceramic, textile, plastics, toys, appliances, optics, footwear, dental equipments, electronics and ultrasounds, and above all lighting which has developed more than 200 projects for various companies in the sector.

    He was one of the promoters of the NDV (Nou Diseny Valencia) which resulted in the ADCV (Association of designers of the Valencian Community) where he was Vice President.

    Professor for 15 years of the subject of Industrial design of the ESDI CEU SAN PABLO de Valencia projects and during two years of the Master of light.

    Professor during 5 years of the EUITI Dela Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, also on the subject of product design.

    It currently has its own team and develops projects for various industrial sectors, as well as advice for companies and projects from other designers.

    In 2011 he founded DXW (Design for the World).

    His designs have been selected or exposed in calls such as:

    • SAD - Salon of decorative arts / PARIS
    • Spain-design / Madrid - Barcelona
    • ADI-FAD selection / Barcelona
    • IF / Hannover / Germany
    • IMPIVA prizes /Valencia
    • BCD / Barcelona Design Centre
    • Espaço Designers (call PHILIPS) Brazil
    • Museu da Casa Brasileira / São Paulo Brazil
    • EAC / contemporary art space / the ship exhibition
    • 1st gold ring award design of toys FEIJU / Valencia
    • Chamber of Commerce of Alicante / Expo CAPS I MANS
    • DNI / national lighting design / FIAM Valencia.
    • EXPO 92 / Pavilion Valencian Country / SEVILLA
    • DOM / design objects and furniture / Valencia
    • Expoluz / Buenos Aires / ARGENTINA
    • IVAM / Museum of contemporary art / 20 Valencian designers.
    • Colomina Cultural Ceu headquarters St.Paul Palace / 25 years designing lamps.
  • Edward Barber and Jay...
    The duo of designers based in the East of London, formed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby is recognized for its innovative industrial designs and Interior.After studying architecture together at the Royal College of Art in London, founded BarberOsgerby in 1996. Since then, they have designed collections for the great design as Giulio Cappellini, Magis, Benini, Swarovski, Flos and Vitra; they have collaborated with Levis and Coca-Cola; they have designed the first Stella McCartney store in New York; they have been awarded with many prestigious awards, among others, the Jerwood of the arts applied for the furniture Prize, "" designers of the future"" of Design Miami 2006, and were recently named Royal Designer for industry by the Royal Society of arts. BarberOsgerby rugs embody the innovative duo's approach to the design and its innovative design. In 2010, The Rug Company launched its first collection of rugs for kids: Owl, Snake, Butterfly and Fishes have been masterfully designed, with lasting appeal to children and adults alike.The work of BarberOsgerby is in many permanent collections included the of the Victoria and Albert Museum of London, of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Museum of design in London. BarberOsgerby have recently been hired to design the Olympic torch relay for London 2012.
  • Edward Van Vliet
  • Emanuele Ricci
  • Ennio Pasini
  • Enrico Franzolini
  • Enzo Mari
  • Eric Solé
  • Erico Girotti
  • Ernesto Gismondi
  • Estudi Ribaudí

    It holds a RCA MA (Master of Arts) in furniture and product design at the Royal College of Art, and a Bachelor's degree in Industrial design by Elisava School of design. Llopis rode his own design studio in Barcelona. On the other hand, it is working with several leading companies in lighting design. Currently he is member of the Board of ADI FAD

  • Ettore Sottsass
  • Fabien Dumas
    Fabien Dumas was born in Fort de France, Martinique, and graduated from the University of fine arts in Berlin in 2003. He currently lives in Berlin. During his studies in Germany, he worked as freelance designer on several projects for renowned KaDeWe or galleries Lafayette shopping centres. Since 2004, some of their products are part of the collection of Ingo Maurer, Marset and Dark. He has also worked as a freelance designer for ARNE Quinze et Quinze & Milan, in Belgium.
  • Fabio Flora
  • Lighthouse Design Team
    We are in Barcelona, the capital of design and trends, a city whose heart beats to the rhythm of creativity and innovation. Our designs come from the ability to create new things and solve problems in an original manner, providing value added both the creators and their environment. Our ideas are characterized by their easy to understand, and are expressed through materials of first quality, creative ways and the rigorous use of new technologies.Our desire to know and understand the needs of the people driving our constant evolution, the introduction of the quality, aesthetics and functional innovations. To do this, we have the collaboration of professional designers and prestige that work with us in the creation of original and unique designs. All our collaborators bring large amounts of freshness and creativity while using common criteria consistent with our identity.
  • Francesc Rifé
    His career as interior designer and industrial designer starts the period of academic training, through various partnerships with design and architecture studies. It also assumes own commissions. In 1994, he founded his own Studio in Barcelona and currently leads a team of professionals trained in different areas of the design. Their projects, national and international, range from interior design to industrial design in the commercial and private sectors. In addition, the study has recognized experience in projects of graphic design, photography and art direction. Their design philosophy is based on the spatial order and geometric proportion. During his career he has won several awards of design as the Contract World Awards, ICFF Editors Awards, Premios FAD and ASCER awards and finalist in the national design awards and the Delta, among others. His work has been widely reported in general-interest press and publications and specialized national and international books. Several books that collect their most outstanding works have been also edited. He currently combines teaching with an active role in workshops, congresses and conferences throughout the Spanish territory and at the international level.
  • Francesc Vilaró

    Designer Francesc Vilaró decorative lamps

  • Francisco j. Martinez...

    Designer Francisco j. Martinez Blux Soto.

  • Franco Bettonica
  • Franco raggi
  • Fresh West
  • Front
  • Gabriel Teixidó
  • Gae Aulenti
  • GC Studio

    The GC Studio architecture Studio was created in the year 1997 in Loiu, Bizkaia. Design concern has been one of the strategies of their business, which has focused on premises such as accessibility and sustainability. Thus it is as they conceive the Streetlight Topa, whose manufacture they charge the company B.lux, and which has been installed in numerous parks.

    GC Studio consists of five architects who have developed their activity in various areas such as construction, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design.

  • Gemma Bernal

    Gemma Bernal worked since 1968 next to the also industrial designer Ramón Isern, until in 1998 partnered with David Ramos and Jordi Bassols, for, in 2004, continue his career alone, own Studio. It is at this late stage when collaborates more closely with Group B.lux, with basketball fixtures design, and the collection girl & boy.

    Since it will begin its activity in the industrial design in the 1960s, - obtained a Gold Delta ADI-FAD in 1969, - Gemma Bernal has collaborated with prominent companies manufacturers, such as Enea, Monix, rock radiators, Sellex and Henkel.

  • Gerhard Reichert
  • Giancarlo Fassina
  • Giancarlo Mattioli
  • Gianfranco Frattini
  • Gino Sarfatti
  • Gio Ponti
  • Giuseppe Maurizio
  • Gonzalo Milá

    Born in 1967, Gonzalo Milá began the career of architecture in Barcelona. He combined studies with his work in the study of Interior design and industrial design by Miguel Milá, and collaborating with Luis Victory, with whom he won the 2nd prize of furniture of the community of Castilla - La Mancha for the coat rack grab shank. His work with small objects, which allowed him to control more closely each of the phases of the project, seduced him and decided him to study industrial design at the Elisava school.

    In the early 90s founded Gotic Sud along with a group of architects, designers and photographers, which recovered a great warehouse of the old town of Barcelona. There it joins Juan Carlos Inés and they create the Ines-Mila's industrial design Studio. In these years many contests and fairs that occur, and very varied objects that design: the tumbona-aparato to stretch the back Tutombas Pranha, first prize in the 1994 Valencia furniture fair; Sillarga and Sicurta, two sunbeds granite for Barcelona the Bogatell Beach; the bottle rack Teula, or mowed, a fun idea espacio-mojon marker to mark spaces on terraces or street markets awarded in 1995 by AEPD.

    In 1999 he joined the urban Division of Santa & Cole, where he collaborates in the departments of production and editing. In 2001, he decided to start his solo career to create what you like most, furniture, and invent "small things that will surprise every day without gratuitousness, from new technologies or the application of the traditional to new concepts".

  • Greta Grossman
  • Guido Matta
  • Hector Fernandez Martin

    Héctor Fernández Martín combines 35 years several disciplina:e architect, designer and teacher of design theory. Among his works of architecture are unique buildings from Spain and abroad, as television venues, sports facilities, hotels, hospitals and residential real estate.

    Its concern to cover all scales of design, from the first ideas to the execution and formalization of details, have led him to dabble in interior architecture and design elements of furniture and lighting, such as luminaires HLF and Sare, designed for b.Lux.

  • Héctor Serrano
  • Herzog & de Meuro
  • Inma Bermúdez
  • Ionna Vautrin
  • Issey Miyake
  • Italo Rota
  • Jaime unmistakeable

    The interior designer Jaime Beriestain (Santiago de Chile, 1969), opened his studio in Barcelona in 2002, after working for more than one decade in his native country. Since its inception, his name has been linked to the large producers of design, such as DAC, or the hotels Division of Gaston y Daniela Contract.

    In 2010 he opened a showroom in a central area of Barcelona and in 2011 is dumped into the execution of international projects that bring their work to India, France, Chile or Switzerland. Jaime Beriestain designed for Group B.lux lighting architectural Box collection.

  • Jakob Timpe
    Born in Würzburg (Germany) in 1967. He studied at the universities of Berlin and Darmstadt, where is licensed in architecture. Make practices in different cities, such as Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Barcelona. Between 1999 and 2004 he teaches at the Faculty of architecture at TU Darmstadt. Since 1999 it is designed spaces, lighting and furnishing both indoor and outdoor for different European companies.
  • James Irvine
  • Jan Van Lierde

    Designer of decorative lamps Jan Van Lierde.

  • Jan Van Lierde
  • Jasper Morrison
  • Javier Borrás
  • Javier Mariscal
  • Jean Nouvel

    Since 1987, with the Institut du Monde Arabe which Nouvel held in Paris, all his works have enjoyed broad critical consensus. In particular, mention the Foundation Cartier in Paris (1994), the Centre commercial Euralille Lille (1995), the Cultural Center and Conference of Lucerne (1998), the courts of Nantes (2000), the Tower Agbar in Barcelona (2000-05), the r & d Center of Brembo Spa in Bergamo (2001-07), the Musée du quai Branly, Paris, (2006), and the 100 11th Avenue in New York (2006). In 2008, he won the Pritzker Prize.

  • Jesper K. Thomsen

    I am a student Jesper K. Thomsen ApS is a design and development company.

    We simplify design and we felt... Design and product development is about being realistic. It's the quality right at the right price, and it's durability. Beautiful sketches on the art Board are worthless, if not it can produce, at the right price or even occur at all. Our knowledge of working with a wide range of products and production facilities has given us the skills to be realistic and make products that throw to the sharp and become a success for our customers and there is no.

    Founded in the year 2000

    Since then, the office has worked for many national and international clients. We have worked in industries as diverse as the clock industry, logistics industry of bicycle, renewable energy, welfare technology, furniture industry and not least in the lifestyle. This has created a great and versatile experience.

    In 2009 we created the concept of "design with justification" and started working on the philosophy. It has created many interesting projects and has created two companies spin off of the study. Downtown Pony ApS and DoseCan ApS.

    Owner and designer, Jesper K Thomsen:

    Founded in 2000. It has a degree of engineer of construction and education of design of the Denmark design school in Copenhagen. Article from Berlingske Tidende i August 2014:

  • Joan Gaspar
    He studied Industrial design at the school of Arts and crafts in Barcelona. In 1988 he entered work in the steam S.A company dedicated to the manufacture of lamps of minimalist character. From 1992 collaborates with various companies in the creation of new product lines: Rock, Resol, Marset, Mobles 114, Perobell, Santa & Cole, DAE, Vilagrasa, Made Design. From 1996 he works very closely with the company Marset Iluminacin, dedicated to the development of new products and focusing on the direction of the company's product. His works have been selected several times for the FAD awards. In 1995 won first prize in the contest of the furniture of the community of Castilla la Mancha, and in 2000, the first prize in the competition International of the of the furniture exhibition of Valencia. In 2001 he won the Delta de Plata by the Atlas series and in 2005 by Neon light, both manufactured by Marset lighting. Since 1998, it teaches materials and technology applied to the Industrial design at the Elisava school in Barcelona. In 2002 opens a professional Studio in Barcelona dedicated to Industrial design, working with various companies in the design of new products.
  • Joan Verdugo Damunt
  • Joel Degermark
  • Jon Marin and Alex...

    We are a Studio of product design and eco-innovation. We help companies and public entities to achieve their goals. We develop solutions from its conception to its final release. Our mission is to solve problems taking into account functionality, aesthetics, quality and the impact of environmental, social and economic of any object, in order to arrive at a proposal of good design.

  • Jon Santacoloma

    Jon Santacoloma (Bilbao, 1973) belongs to a new generation of Basque designers, giving their first professional steps coincide with the already internationally recognized architectural transformation of the city of Bilbao. In the year 2000 he founded his own Studio, Ideilan Design, where she works with leading companies, such as Solac, Magefesa, Andreu World, Metro Bilbao or Danona, among others.

    The luminaire from outside Kanpazar of B.lux, Jon Santacoloma performed their first approach to the world of the design of luminaires, with outstanding success. Kanpazar becomes an icon of exterior lighting, and a sales success. Its design also receives numerous national and international awards.

  • Joost Van Bleiswijk
  • Jordi Busquets

    Industrial designer with own design studio and over 18 years of experience. Creator of objects which transmit emotions and are intended to be used. Jordi Busquets idea objects that possess a studied mixture of functionality and design.


  • Jordi Llopis

    Jordi Llopis i Freixas is master of arts degree in furniture and product design by the royal college of art in London (1996-1998). He has established his own design studio in Barcelona and since 2010 is part of the Board of Directors of Adi Fad in Barcelona.


  • Jordi Penyaranda

    Format to the family business of boiler i planxisteria i diplomat amb disseny industrial per l'escola Massana.
    Open to Formentera des 2000. 2002 starts  l'estudi jordi penyaranda.

    Aquest estudi is quasi in exclusivitat engaged in the design and construction of fish, uniques, tractades amb l' handicraft i alhora amb l' ús cure de noves tecnologies i treatment of the imatge propis of industrial design.

    CAP a l'any 2005 prenen month importance projectes d'interiorisme com botigues, restaurants, hotels, or vivendes; Projects continue sent treated amb Aquests exclusivitat, Excel·lència i lymphocyte aesthetics, combinant i Direcció d' work amb disseny i construcció de fish, uniques.

    Tot això, amb a contribution to ethics, utilitzant materials i resources propis of formentera, fent than els nostres projectes s'identifiquin amb l'entorn.

  • Josep Lluís xuclà

    Josep Lluís Xuclà (Barcelona, 1956) has its own Design Studio, where he develops projects of Interior design and lighting, as well as furniture and lighting design. Among them, the beacons lighting outdoor Junko, Magent and Noray, which manufactures b.Lux.

    Throughout his career, xuclà has been awarded the most outstanding design awards international, such as the Red Dot Design 2005 award, IF Product Design Award 2006 Award, Designpreis 2006 and Good Design Award 2008.

  • Josep Novell

    Disseny Industrial. Escola Elisava. 1976-1979
    Tècnic Superior d'arts Plastiques i Disseny. 1998
    Bachelor of Art in Design. University of Southampton, UK. 2010
    Founder of VIA DESIGN, SA amb at Joan Suñol. 1984-1988
    Founder of NOVELL/PUIG DESIGN amb Josep Puig. 1992-2010
    Professor d'Elisava Escola Superior de Disseny i Enginyeria de Barcelona des 1984
    Member of ADI-FAD. Associació de Disseny Industrial of the Foment de l'art i del Disseny

  • Josep Puig

    Designer Josep Puig blux.

  • Jozeph Forakis
  • Jorge Pensi

    Born in Buenos Aires (Argentina, 1946), Jorge Pensi was established in Barcelona in 1977, where he formed tandem with also known industrial designer Alberto Liévore, until 1984. Since then, directs his own Studio specializing in design of furniture and lighting, a reference in Barcelona of contemporary design at an international level.

    Its exquisite elegance in the formal development of products, and his acute perception of the trends of the environment, made possible the international launch of the label b.Lux. Some of the early luminaries designed for B.lux have become icons of Spanish design, such as lamp Regina. Their designs, minimalist and expressive character, have been honored with numerous awards. Jorge Pensi was awarded the national design award, in 1997.

  • Jurgen Bey
  • Karim Rashid
  • Karman design
  • Klaus Begasse
  • Konstantin Grcic
  • La Granja - (Gerard...
  • LAIA rock

    LAIA rock is the founder and Director of the study of architecture and interior design Aribau 70, located in Barcelona. Throughout his career, rock has demonstrated a deep and applied knowledge of technical lighting, what has allowed it to detect deficiencies that solves a technical perspective of high decorative content. This has demonstrated with b.Lux. K.System lighting system

    In all his works, architectural, interior design and product design, Laia rock has focused its efforts in the research of environmental sustainability systems and in the integration of energy efficiency in the design elements.

  • Livio Castiglioni &...
  • Lluís Porqueras
  • Lorenza Bozzoli
  • Louis Weisdorf
  • Luciano Vistosi
  • Lucidi Pevere

    Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere form in design studios in Milan. In 2002, they signed their first projects together and founded in 2006 in Milan study Lucidi and Pevere. Today study Lucidi and Pevere based in Udine and continues to develop projects of industrial design to companies of international prestige, belonging to a variety of different sectors.

  • Ludovica Palomba
  • Maarten Baas
  • Manel Lluscà
    Through its projects, Manel Lluscà want to get create new concepts in lighting using original designs and materials at the forefront, always in accordance to the latest trends emerging in the market.
  • Manuel Vivian
  • Marc Sadler
  • Marc Newson
  • Marcel Wanders
  • Marcello Furlan
  • Marcello Gennari
  • Marcello Ziliani
  • Equipo Marset
  • Manel Ybargüengoitia

    Manel Ybargüengoitia (Barcelona, 1954) is added to the roster of contributors Group B.lux designers in the 90's. His training in architecture of Interior and industrial design and drawing, coupled with his extensive professional experience, will become a guarantee of result and durability to the collaboration of Ybargüengoitia.

    Ybargüengoitia designed for B.lux some of its most representative fixtures, as the collection of Eliana, Julia and Juliet, and the suspension lamp Helios, which stand out, all of them by their distinctive and original character.

  • Marco Bisenzi
  • Marina Mila

    This young designer studied industrial design at the Eina Foundation. He has recently started his career within the world of design and also continues with the work of his grandfather, the renowned designer Leopolo Milá.


  • Mario Botta
  • Mario Melocchi
  • Mario Ruiz

    Graduated in industrial design at the Elisava School of Barcelona, the designer Mario Ruiz develops its first projects in the field of technology and office furniture design. From 2003, his career begins to highlight the diversity of projects, notably the lighting.

    Its multidisciplinary experience has earned him the trust of the most recognized brands in each sector, as Siemens, Molteni, Gandía Blasco or B.lux, which has developed the Frame, 3G and Wall luminaires. The recognition of more than 30 prestigious awards in Europe and United States, among them has also earned several Red Dot Awards, IF, Design Plus and several ADI-FAD silver Delta.

  • Martín Azúa
  • Martinez and Soler...

    The architects Rafael Soler Márquez and Francisco Martínez Manso are Martinez and Soler architects in 1987. They have made architectural projects and work, both on behalf of Government, and private developers. In addition, both have an extensive teaching curriculum.

    Both individual and team, Martinez and Soler works have been awarded prestigious prizes and mentions of architecture, both nationally and internationally. They have also developed design work for product, such as Streetlight Zenete which manufactures b.Lux.

  • Mashallah Design -...
  • Matali Crasset

    Matali Crasset nació en 1965 en Chalons en Champagne en Francia. Vive y trabaja en París. Crasset considera el diseño como la investigación , trabajando desde una posición descentrada ambas rutinas diarias que sirven y rastreo escenarios futuros. Tanto con el fin conocedor e ingenua del mundo, se cuestiona la evidencia de los códigos a fin de facilitar la violación de estos bonos. Al igual que su obra simbólica , se centró en la hospitalidad , " Quand Jim monte à Paris " (Cuando Jim sube a París ) se basa en una mera percepción visual y consciente que ella inventa otra relación con el espacio y los objetos de todos los días . Sus propuestas no son hacia una simple mejora de lo que ya existe , pero , sin cosas por tierra , para desarrollar tipologías estructuradas en torno a principios como la modularidad, el principio de una red de entrelazado , el trabajo, etc de Crasset gira en torno a la búsqueda de nuevos procesos de coordinación y formulación de nuevas lógicas en la vida. Ella define esta búsqueda como acompañamiento hacia lo contemporáneo . Siempre en busca de nuevos territorios para explorar, que colabora con los mundos eclécticos , desde la artesanía a la música electrónica , de la industria textil con el comercio justo , la realización de proyectos en conjunto de diseño, muebles, arquitectura, gráfica, colaboraciones con artistas como Peter Halley , con jóvenes empresas de muebles de decisiones , así como con los municipios y comunas .

  • Mathias Hahn
  • Matteo Thun
  • Matteo Ugolini
  • Michel Boucquillon
  • Michele de Lucchi
  • Michele De Lucchi &...
  • Miguel Angel Ciganda

    Miguel Angel Ciganda is one of the designers of head of Group b.Lux. For more than 30 years of collaboration, Ciganda has shown an extensive experience of interior architecture and a deep sense of patient friendship, which have borne fruit in practical, ingenious, and innovative products such as the Vanlux Veroca ceiling.

    During his more than 40 years, the study of Miguel Angel Ciganda, located in Pamplona (Navarre, Spain), has made more than 500 projects of interior architecture and decoration. Manufacturers of the first order, like Akaba or Sellex has also developed interesting products for brands.

  • Miguel Herranz

    Miguel Herranz begins to make its first projects of industrial design in 1994. Works for various fields, such as the furniture, automotive, bathroom, ceramic, product, technology, or lighting, which provides an approach not vitiated by the inertia of the sector.

    It maintains a line of work called 'regulated chaos': a creative resource that gives projects a rather grade formal wealth, in contrast to its constructive simplicity and uniqueness. His method, youth and dedication make their contributions original products, with its own identity, as the projector Capsule of Vanlux, and the Petite and parable of b.Lux. luminaires

  • Miquel Planes
  • My-more Team

    VANESSA is Catalan for life, studied at EINA, and after working with Rosa Roselló, Morgui Associats and Antoni Arola, decided to assemble on their own after the birth of their first child. With the second, same came, and luckily did not change working with the third again! It is the same enterprising soul, very complicated works she loves, and shines in bringing them to fruition. And it is that the organization is theirs!

    CÉCILE comes from Aix en Provence, in France, and studied five years at l' École Boulle in Paris where it got its DSAA. He began to live in Barcelona, alternating work with Bohigas, Antoni Arola and Pepe Cortes and travels around the world. He published a book on Les Éditions du Seuil de drawings of trip. Likes to manipulate space, shapes and colors, has the eye for the perfect compositions and make each project special for every customer.

    JULIE is an architect, interested in the infinitely large and the infinitely small. After getting her Diploma in Nantes, was a year to Lima to work for an NGO. In Barcelona, working with Marshal and Miralles, studies known for his perpetual restlessness of creativity. Same came by surprise, among the 100 projects that Julie has always in mind. But you stayed! It's pata graphics and colorful of same, and quietly, always gets it right!

  • Moooi Works
  • Nahtrang

    Nahtrang is the Nom de guerre of an adventure that this team of designers began with emotion and respect. After ten years they still explain the origin of its name with the same emotion that then, moving to work and to each project.

  • Naoto Fukasawa
  • Neil Poulton
  • Neri & Hu
  • Nika Zupac
  • Oliver Schick
  • Ora Ito
  • Örni Halloween
  • Paola Monaco di Arianello
  • Paolo De Lucchi
  • Paolo Dell'Elce
  • Paolo Rizzato
  • Paolo Rizzatto
    Paolo Rizzatto, architect, lives and works in Milan. In their study of Via Savona deals with architecture, interior design, design and lighting design. It is designed for Arteluce, Alias, Artemide, Cassina, Danish, Fiam, Lensvelt, Molteni, Montina, Kartell, Knoll, Poltrona Frau, Thonet, Segis, Serralunga, and others.
  • Pascual Savador

    He studied industrial design in the Massana School of Barcelona, where he obtained the degree in 1974. Architect interior designer entitled since 1977. "Bureau of European Designers Association Beda" member of the Association of professional designers ADP. Professor of typical industrial and collaborative design in various schools and universities both in Spain and abroad.

    In 1990, he opened his own Studio in Barcelona and since then collaborates with major Spanish firms in matters of design, product and corporate image consulting. His most notable designs lamp Galilee (Carpyen) and Chair (Jacinto use) layer include Acta (Vilagrasa) program.

  • Patricia Urquiola
  • Paul Bevis

    Designer of decorative lamps Paul Bevis.

  • Pepe Llaudet

    Pepe Llaudet He is a designer, sensitive and intuitive and yet very direct, sincere and rational. Their expertise in interior design pushes to create products for the spaces, objects that are integrated into them and add value either functional or aesthetic.


  • Philippe Starck
  • Piero Lissoni
  • Piet Boon
  • Pio & Tito Toso
  • Proli Diffusion Studio
  • Quim Larrea

    Architect, designer and journalist, Quim Larrea He is a member of the FAD (promotion of decorative arts in Barcelona). 
    He was member of the Editorial Board in The Croquies magazine and co-director of Ardi design. He has collaborated with several national and foreign newspapers, specialized in architecture and design. He is currently a member of the Editorial Board of the journal of architecture Waterdroops.

    He has been curator of several exhibitions of design of architecture in Europe, Asia and America, and has participated as a juror in national and international design awards.

    From 1982 to 1997 he worked in association with the architect Juli Capella. He is the author of various works on architecture, design of interiors, editorial design, corporate identity and packaging for Spanish, European and American companies, and institutions.

    His books have earned him numerous awards like the mention of Honor in the national design awards in 2000, Premio Ciudad de Barcelona and the Fad medal.

    He was President of ArquinFAD, the section of the FAD dedicated to architecture and interior design.

    He has worked as a consultant on issues of design in different institutions and companies. He is currently the Director of Quim Larrea & associates and the President of Surgenia, the Andalusian technological centre of design.

  • Raimond Puts
  • Ramon Fernandez-alonso

    Ramón Fernández-Alonso Borrajo is an architect from the school of architecture of Madrid since 1981.

    Professor of architectural projects of the Granada School of architecture since 1996.

    Professor of architectural design at the Superior School of architecture of Navarre in the courses: 2005-2006, 2007-2008, 2009-2010, 2012-2013.

    Co-Director of the course of architecture "No limits". Motril. September 2000.

    Member of the jury at the Master of architectural design MDA. 2004-2005, 2005-2006. Escuela Técnica Superior de architecture de Navarra.

    Member of AxA (architects architecture).

    He has lectured in various institutions such as: 

    • Escuela Técnica Superior de architecture de Madrid.
    • State University of St. Petersburg, Russia.
    • School Superior technique in architecture of Valladolid, inaugural lecture of the academic year 2003-2004.
    • Escuela Técnica Superior de architecture de Navarra.
    • Escuela Técnica Superior de architecture de Granada.
    • University of the Basque country, San Sebastian.
    • Colegio de Arquitectos de Jaen.
    • Center of contemporary architecture of Seville. 
    • Head Office Caja Granada. Granada. 
    • Escuela Técnica Superior de architecture de Sevilla.  
    • Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Granada.
    • Official College of architects of Huelva. 
    • Instituto Cervantes in Tangier, Morocco, among others.
  • Ramos & Bassols
  • Renato Toso & Noti...
  • Richard Sapper
  • Richard Hutten
  • Robert Dudley Best
  • Rodolfo Dordoni
  • Ron Gilad
  • Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec
  • Ross Lovegrove
  • Ruben Saldana
    Born in Salamanca in 1976. He studied engineering at the University Jaume I of Castellón and diploma at the Elisava school in Barcelona in technical engineering in industrial design. Master in management of Industrial design by the ICT-Centre CIM-UPC where wins the ADI-FAD Medal for his project "Sailing cart". Also gets that same year the third prize of the Dupont Imagineering by the "Free" project. It reconciles this activity with his work in the area of research of the Elisava school, until it is signed in 2000 by Marset lighting company for resposabilizarse of the development of new products.In 2004 creates the Diba Product Solutions company dedicated to the design and product engineering where new proposals are made and works closely with designers, studios and publishing companies in the development of their products (PHB, Royal, Praesentis, Magix, Rocal, Vilagrasa, Marset, Pom d'Or, DAE, Cactusdesign, Eddadesign, Altrodesign...). It reconciles this activity with teaching in the Master of design and development of product at Elisava.
  • Santiago Calatrava
  • Scott Wilson

    Scott Wilson It is an American entrepreneur in the sector of design, awarded with the prestigious Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award and founder of MINIMAL, design of product and incubator of brands with offices in Chicago and San Francisco Agency. It is famous for its impressive approach to the design and business and has changed the face of entrepreneurship by creating at the same time, in 2010, a global micropatronage and movement for devices to carry, which raised $ 1 million in 30 days thanks to the project for LUNATIK watches.

    With his MINIMAL team, he has been the creative force and the instigator of many of the products and the most innovative and successful today experiences. Its activity covers technology and consumption, between the lifestyle, the decoration and environment and medical products. Wilson is a master at creating a balance between rationality and emotion, an intersection between technology and art, but always attentive to the needs of business and consumers, with a practical approach that is derived from its many gifts of inventor, designer, storyteller, strategist, entrepreneur and engineer.

    It is one of the 100 best designers according to TIME MAGAZINE, and recently entered in lists of the most influential designers and more creative people in the business of Fast Company.

  • Sebastin Wrong
  • Serena Papait
  • Sergio Mazza
  • Sputnik Studio

    Majo Fernandez, El Campello, Spain, 1984 | María de la O Reyna, Valencia, Spain, 1985
    Maria salt, Alicante, Spain, 1989 | Borja Sepulcre, Elche, Spain, 1988

    Sputnik Studio It is a young study of multidisciplinary design based in Valencia, formed by Majo Fernández, María de la O Reyna, Maria Salar and Borja Sepulcre. Born with the concern to create innovative and functional, projects providing a different view of everyday objects in each design. In their projects there is interaction with the user and promoting the use of recyclable materials, proposing bold shapes with personality. Different paths of its four members let go gradually perfecting each idea to eventually converge on a design simple, but beautiful; and with an innovative and positive character.

  • Stefano Giovannonni
  • Stone Designs

    Cutu Matazuelos (1973) and Eva Prego (1974) form the multidisciplinary study of Stone Designs design since 1995. They took their first steps in the world of design of interiors, exhibitions and stands, which allowed them to experiment with different languages and forging a very personal vision of design, based on the naturalness and simplicity.

    Stone Designs has collaborated with B.lux in several projects of lighting custom made, both restaurants and retail space. In 2014, B.lux includes in its catalogue of decorative lighting for home Scout suspension, designed by Stone Designs, which thus joins the cast of usual designers of the brand manufacturer.

  • Studio Job
  • Thomas S and Ell
  • Tim Brauns, E27

    The multidisciplinary agency Berlin e27 with Tim Brauns, is recognized by the intelligent and sustainable solutions in the fields of design. The high functionality of the objects designed with the uniqueness of the technical solutions that raise, make the creations that come out tops e27 can pass to be completely timeless everyday items. Clear example of this is the collection of Overlay where the user changes to your liking the effect of light with a simple gesture as the discard the luminaire of its upper rings.

  • Tobia Scarpa
  • Tom Rossau

    Danish designer (born in 1970).

    Since 2004 he designs and produces equipment lights made of sheets of wood and a variety of other materials.

    He and co-workers works in a wide area of 700 in downtown Copenhagen, where has their two workshops, offices and flagship store.

    Tom Rossau lightings are sold throughout Europe and the world through high-end retailers, as well as often specified both hospitality and residential projects.

  • Toni Cordero
  • Uli Budde
  • Vicente García Jimenez
  • Vico Magistretti
  • Werner Aisslinger

    Innovation based on the form and the use of new materials are two of the identifying features of the designer Werner Aisslinger (Berlin, 1964). In fact, has been the application of new technologies which allowed it to establish itself as a pioneer in the introduction of new materials in the world of design of product, like polyurethane foam. This material is used in the manufacture of fixture B.lux Hoodie, presented at the fair Euroluce 2013.

    Aisslinger has also created another unique and attractive collection of lighting fixtures, called Tree Series for B.lux. In the field of furniture, he has collaborated with more leading brands, such as Capellini, Porro and Vitra. Many of their designs have been honored with prestigious design awards, such as the Compasso D'Oro in Milan or the Red Dot Award.

  • Xavier Mañosa
  • Zaha Hadid
  • Zmik