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Fabbian Illuminazione It was established in 1961 as a manufacture of lighting fixtures for homes and for contract work. This aspect, along with the tradition and quality always has been apparent in the product, with the result that the company has been acquiring international dimensions and recognition. The results have been achieved through continuous research aimed at interpretation of the demands of the market, while the creation of policies and marketing strategies precise.

Fabbian, Northeast Italy, based, manufactures all components in its own business units inside, gives a distinctive touch to new trends in modern design through a lot of styles, the use of advanced production technologies, the interpretation of the new ideas of the concept of a group of architects and designers internationally. Research and design is carried out by a team of qualified experts using computer processes and control systems.

Experience, through a network of distributors around the world, qualified and professional, always leads to the consolidation of specific technologies, the formation of a philosophy of production that cannot be separated from new research and construction methods. Commercially Fabbian is present in the Italian, European and Asian markets through a network of agents and shops to the retail and associate companies in USA and Brazil.

Top quality, reliable components are an essential part of the product. Construction, mounting and wiring are conducted carefully, be checked at every stage of the production cycle in order to obtain a product that complies with the safety rules laid down. Fabbian lighting fixtures, indeed, strictly comply with the requirements prescribed by the great organization and qualified certification. In addition, the company is UNI EN ISO 9001. The company provides an after-sales service, giving an adequate prompt response to customers in terms of information and solutions on the best use of their products, through a spare parts service efficient and detailed documentation.

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