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Founded in 2005, Karboxx It has grown rapidly in the field of lighting products of design thanks to its distinctive features, such as new materials, technology and elegance. Materials with ultra-modern, technologically advanced, lightweight but very strong as carbon and glass fiber, combined with an elegant and minimalist design Karboxx gave the brand a recognizable identity.

Looking at the lifestyles changing Karboxx has studied the issue of welfare through lighting and color therapy, including the most advanced solutions in this area in its range of products.

Karboxx technology adds to the conception and design applied to lighting, offering the composites market, such as carbon or glass fibre, with the objective of bringing the qualities of lightness, resistance and beauty in projects that improve these properties.

This led to the creation of lamps that interpret light in different ways. Products are born, developed and manufactured in Italy. Based on the skill of its designers and international recognition (by Enrico Franzolini, Vicente García Jiménez and Brian Rasmussen to name a few), the Karboxx collection includes a complete set of table lamps, floor, pendant lamps, wall lamps and outdoor.

Nyx by Karboxx, fountain design.

Experience Karboxx NyxbyKarboxx was born in 2012. A new collection based on LED technology, but is also available with fluorescent light sources, specifically designed for the lighting of the working environment, with special attention to the needs of professional studios, offices opertativi and corporate value.

In Greek mythology, Nyx was the goddess of night, which begat Aether and Hemera, light and day. Therefore, Nyx is the emotion of light as a natural evolution of the darkness.

Nyx by Karboxx radiates a concept evolved lighting design which addresses the physical and emotional well-being of people working, stimulate creativity, encourage concentration and characterization of consistency with the style of the rooms.

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