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LED BCN, as a national reference in the residential sector, led the architecture, always with led lighting...

LED technology is a low power, low voltage, flexible and eco-friendly lighting system durable.

Electricity flows through a semiconducting material and part of the energy is released to the outside in the form of light. According to the material, this light will have a different wave length and this will determine the color.

LED technology is actually the most ecological of all possible sources of light. Compared to all this lighting systems is the system that consumes less. In addition, does not contain mercury or other contaminants, toxic or radioactive materials.

Since it does not require the generation of ionizing radiation such as fluorescence or heat mercury like neon, its power is almost immediately even at low temperatures.

The operating temperature is wider. It can operate at temperatures below 0 ° C without affecting its intensity.

Just loses luminosity throughout its long life, reducing maintenance and replacement.

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