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In 1966, he founded "Interior lighting", says that as soon as one of manufacturing companies most original and innovative in the manufacture of a modern design.

The reputation of LUCITALIA is located at the international level with the creation in 1983 of the table lamp Kandido created in collaboration with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.

The list of designers who have collaborated with prestigious LIGHTS in the continuous search for innovative proposals include:

Gianfranco Frattini and Abel, Adonis, Caltha, Ignacio, Toshiyuki Kita with Tomo, Rodolfo Bonetto with River, flu, all; Giugiaro Design with Poe and Lucifaro.

Lights in 1989 changed its name in Lucitalia to highlight the excellence of its products made in Italy.

Over the years Lucitalia evolves while maintaining its strong identity as a producer of products of modern design and decorative, that are distinguished by their high quality, functionality and compliance with safety standards.

Lucitalia collection consists of lamps and lighting systems that give prestige to any environment (residential and work centers of the directional operation, shops and shop windows, art galleries, etc.)

In the 1990s is more added to the collection of lamps, such as the Academy, menhirs, pot, Stresa, as well as systems of Kri / the Kriter, Karma and Krisma designed by Asahara Sigeaki, and Zero Pragma series and designed by Francesco Brivio.

Recently, the collection has become Lucitalia MILANO in 2007, has been further improved with other luminaries, with the help of famous designers such as Charles Giancarlo Fassina and Forcolini Larossa, Serge & Robert Cornelissen with Mono and the Queen, Gabi Peretto with ketamine, Diamond and Montenapoleone, products that have become popular and successful in the world

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