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LUJÁN + SICILIA It is a signature of lighting modern retro design. The company was created in 2001 by two partners, Francisco Luján and Jaime Sicilia. We are a unique team in various aspects. Neither of them have training or prior experience as designers. In fact, both left our previous professions to do this. The desire to create our lamps is a little Fetish: born of our fascination with the mysterious existence of everyday objects. As many people of our generation, they pursue us ghosts of articles of consumption that populated our childhood. We need to ritualize the sixties and seventies, and especially modern design that, at the time of our fathers, was considered the epitome of quality and good taste. Ritualize, resume, recover, are points of departure towards something new. We want to test the texture of light in new materials. Investigate the chiaroscuro of the forms 

geometric. We want to make functional lamps, i.e. lamps with spirit, with enigma, charming, lamps with a touch of nostalgia and humor. And incidentally, they illuminate something.

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