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We are Havells Sylvania, one of the main groups of lighting in the world for more than one century. We strive to improve the way of life by allowing them to enjoy a better lighting in one more sustainable way. Today, we continue to build our outstanding reputation as an innovator and creator of high efficiency, energy saving, light sources and fixtures, providing full spectrum lighting solutions tailored to individual needs.

Our three main brands--Concord, Lumiance and Sylvania - concentrate forces on innovative product design, engineering and production, as well as experience of application in their specialized areas of activity: luxury architectural, decorative and functional professional lighting respectively. Our acquisition of 2007 by Havells India Ltd, gives us the financial strength and resources to significantly expand and improve the business. The group, which has 94 branches and offices of representation and 8,000 people in more than 50 countries, has rapidly grown to become a company of US $1.2 billion with 18 manufacturing facilities in the India, Europe, America America and Africa, producing acclaimed around the world products such as connectors, cables, wiring devices and lighting.

You look at how you look at it, Inverto makes everything simple: it is very efficient, and is elegant without effort. When it comes to Inverto - beauty is not only surface - this range has substance. Elegant and contemporary in the interior - which incorporates the latest in LED technology. Construction inspired on the outside and with a choice of finishes, the temperature of color, filters and optics, which opens the decorative possibilities of hotels, restaurants, bars and a wide range of interior and exterior applications.

Lumiance installation professional lighting products is now even easier. Havells Sylvania introduces Isotera, contactless power system revolutionary for LED lighting, for faster, safer lighting systems that are simpler than you change again and again to save money in treatment.

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