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The roots of Martini sink again in 1925, when the father of the current President of the company Martini Timoteo, founded from which originated in the year 1971, the Martini spa. For years, the company is expressed through the light, speaking a language of design and contemporary interior and exterior architecture. A universal language that knows no boundaries and is characterized by its internationality.

The company, thanks to the expertise and experience to the very high level of research, is able to accompany the customer at all stages of a lighting project: from concept to realization, recommending products suitable for every room and construction projects around the world.

Starting in 2013, the new mission of the companies is the search of the quality of the light and the improvement of the contexts in which the man lives and moves. Martini Spa wants to attract new environments through the light, with a main focus on man, with your personalization, and deeper needs. Now, the company specializes in 5 key areas of the market, which covers the daily life of each one of us: trade, hospitality, residential, offices and urban. Our stores, hotels, our homes, offices and urban contexts.

Martini Spa also points to new fields and new frontiers in the world of lighting through the presentation of Euroluce 2013, a series of new products for the decoration and a revolutionary product Led, Led HD Retina.


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