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The eyes of a sailor is required to see the coast beyond the horizon "says the author, and these are the eyes with which travels the" Pallucco design from the 1980s, the identification of and the choice of which is not simple fashion, but that represents the fashion trend.

A ' attentive and polite, casually nonconformist body that enabled the company to establish itself on the international scene since since its founding at the beginning of the 1980s; approach seen by teams in the spaces of slaughterhouse abandoned during the Salone de el Mobile Milan between 1987 and 1989 anticipate the recovery trend urban volumes that are temporarily taking the first steps in London, New York and Berlin.

Reaffirmed by the collaboration of Peter Lindbergh, who is responsible for the image of the first catalogues, and Rei Kawakubo, designer Comme des Garcons hairstyle for Pallucco a memorable series of tables and chairs, in the style of the enterprise is a smart care fusion propose the most interesting designers of international research landscape new and refined the roots of industrial design as in the case of the re-edition of Fortuny lamp, Pallucco become an icon of timeless style.

As the smart, visionary icon, iconoclast Joe Colombo, the design of the nuclear city designer reinvent the way of life, and then, to live, to have only assumed future, which produces Pallucco lamp "Bubbles", with its light reminiscent of futuristic utopias and visions underground. Pallucco offers.

As in the 1990s and the new lines new ideas inspired by a rigorous urban minimalism, thanks to collaboration with Hannes Wettstein artistic director of the company draws one of his masterpiece, the seller continue (1992), bringing to the forefront of the world of design concept of technology as a new form beyond aesthetics. Art by Jurgen Bey address displaces Pallucco shaft attention to new forms and new languages, formal, and at the same time expanding the Group of designers who produce and experiment with new aesthetic solutions, the exploration of the frontiers of the contemporary design with the freedom of expression which is the most authentic signature Pallucco style. Matali Crasset Kazuhiro Yamanaka, Jean Nouvel, Denis Santachiara Studio Lagranja, Susanne Philippson, Sergio Calatroni Enrico Franzolini, created for Pallucco not only to their best pieces, but mark the style of a laboratory where ideas are compared without the multicultural border design trends.

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