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Mambo Unlimitedideas It is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, a country with a long tradition in craftsmanship. The Lisbon dynamic growing city reflects the emerging creativity and energy that is doing in Lisbon to be recognized as a new cultural and business group, and here gather the energies of talented individuals to develop our company's products.

Our work develops into global business, with international inspiration, while rooted in our knowledge and experience in local arts and crafts. Our growing presence in the international market reflects our approach: our work is creativity and innovation. And that's what we like to do.

We channel our craft skills leading suppliers in our production equipment to the careful production of each element in the collection, the delivery of the original products of high quality.

Our challenge and goal is to create original and quality products, while that the development of a company recognized globally growing constantly (and brand). Mambo Ideas unlimited is the center of creativity, which includes the talents of our design team to develop new products and ideas – as its name reveals!

Our company started the creation of exclusive textiles, with leather as the main material. The unit of creativity made the company innovate their own structure of some 10 years ago, inviting Portuguese emerging designers to develop new product lines. That was the birth of furniture and upholstery from our first collection. His concept was to create a collection of design, inspired by the Portuguese heritage, with its own individuality, but that could be easily customized with any delays or increased costs.

The acceptance and growth of our new products by the market was fast and very positive. That led us to create from scratch a comprehensive collection of lighting, our moving UTU lighting brand. Once again, this collection offers original parts that might any finish custom design, with a multitude of possible combinations.

Through our international clients increasing demand of our parts and creations, felt the need to continue to innovate. Our unit of creativity has led us to launch a new line of products, this time a collection of ceramics including ceramic hand Portuguese facts, applied to decorative tile panels; and the collection of accessories. At this stage was born our creative tiles brand THEIA, the presentation of ceramic tiles to be applied on the surfaces of construction.

Each year we created and launched three seasons of new products presented at, at least six of the best international exhibitions.

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