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ANTROX It produces crystal cold cathode lamps since 1985. We have a wide range of temperature heat, from 2,400 K to 9000 K for white light, with indicator chromatic performance (CRI) from 65 to 99, in addition to all the basic monochrome colors. Available diameters range from 8 to 25 mm, the length of each lamp of 300 mm. 2,990 mm.

We have, also, tubes of stained glass, suitable to be installed in sight when it is needed to see the color even with the light turned off. This production is the area of Murano glass. We have the ability to produce large quantities of different lamps of cold cathode in little time, type and shape: straight, arched or profiled. In addition, for large quantities, with particular elaborations, we can obtain special colors that we requested. All of our products have been certified by appropriate bodies complies with current regulations, glass included. All the necessary certificates and official documents are available from who request them.

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