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Arcluce there is an ethic of light that we see in every moment. Just think that birth also is known as "come to light". For this reason, it is essential to respect the environment with its original features, and remember that there are no more beautiful light of the daylight. Each light engineering virtuosity is useless if this assumption is not taken into account. With the support of this belief, which we have always been working with precise objectives in mind: find new technical solutions with a low environmental impact, the reduction of CO2 emissions from the lighting, and the guarantee of optimum visual comfort in all situations of working and social life and in their free time. Technological research has an anthropological value to us that places man in harmony in the social and natural environment. To perceive light as a continuum, and not as a corollary of the environment that drives us to do research aimed at functionality, versatility and the well-being of the visual comfort. LED, toward which our work focuses more and more, full to address these needs, based on our research of solutions increasingly more advanced allowing significant energy savings. Looking to the future of the light is our challenge, we want to do whenever it's the efforts of research ethically sustainable and respectful with the environment.

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