Orders are only processed once received full payment of the amount (excluding reimbursement), no exceptions. In no event will be accepted other means of payment that does not appear in the list that appears below:



You must go to your Bank Office and order a transfer for the amount of your purchase.

If you have of Electronic banking You can transfer the comodamnete from the internet.
If you prefer, you can enter cash to any office of Banc Sabadell (Network of offices). 

Do not forget to indicate the order number and the E-mail address that has been used in Select-Light

This system is the safest which there is for the purchaser does not have to provide any banking information or credit card.

Pago lámparas de diseño    CREDIT CARD / DEBIT

Pay conveniently from your home or from any computer with our TPV and without charge to the purchaser. We accept all cards except American Express and Diners Club

We have two available, 4b and Servired payment gateways. Once the user request it is directed to the TPV virtual SSL website, you must include the data of the credit card you requested. does not collect any data of your credit card. Some cards need to be activated or key secret extra to operate online, for more information refer to your bank or box.

Comprar lámparas de diseño  Pagar Lámparas de diseño    PAYPAL

Free of charge for the buyer. Need to have a PayPal account, to create it only need an email address. The amount of your purchase can link your PayPal account with a bank account, to pay with credit cards or simply moving.

It is the payment system with credit card of Ebay, one of the most widespread in the world. You can register by clicking on the (next)link).


Precios lámparas de diseño, lamparas Vibia   ONLINE SALE PRICES

The prices are real PVP of the manufacturers of their current rates with additional discounts for buying online.

All prices shown in the lists of products are with VAT included. Prices valid except for typographic errors.