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Danese Milano It was founded in 1957 and played a decisive role in the development of the main features of Italian design. Danes evolution proved to be dynamic and innovative. Danese focused all time on a perfect interaction of the design culture, creative and technical research of production and the fact of the creation of simple, high-quality objects possible. In the year 2000 Carlotta de Bevilacqua, President Danes, revealed the strategic position of the enterprise. Thus, the innovation and the quality of the environment are in the first place. The common values are the code base for the formal, original design manufactured for Danese by internationally renowned designers.

The Danese collection is subdivided into three main groups, who are living, working and lighting. Danese treats this classification as a modern response to the relationship between people and their space.

Table lamp of Amami, which is made of Opal polycarbonate and designed by Naoto Fukasawa, impresses with its simplicity.

Tubular pendant of Falkland, which was created by the famous designer Bruni Munari in 1964, also enjoys great popularity.

Danese Milano owes its success, among other things the designer Bruni Munari, who was born in Milan in 1907. Bruni Munari enriches the Danese collection with products like Bali, cube and Ponza.

The lamp Falkland is available as pendant or floor lamp. Its screen is white, fiber tubular section, the suspension is made of aluminium of natural color.

Tribute to Bruno Munari is dedicated to the already mentioned designer Bruno Munari. This lamp is characterized by its exceptional design and is among young Danes, due to his age (created in 2007).

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